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About Kindness Confetti®

Hi, I’m Wendy and I LOVE confetti!

Back in the day when we mailed birthday and holiday cards (yes for every holiday, not just Christmas), I would include a spoonful of confetti in the envelope to add to the celebration. I had a whole bin filled with different confetti sets of every theme I could find in the party stores. My family said they would always forget and when they opened the card it would fall out everywhere. That’s the point of confetti! It gets everywhere and it can’t be completely cleaned up.

So yes, let’s spread Kindness like Confetti! Let’s sprinkle it anywhere and everywhere so that it can never be completely cleaned up. I created Kindness Confetti cards and notes to make it easy to sprinkle and share a little kindness with others. They are designed to share inspiration, gratitude and positive messages.

Kindness Confetti products are available from our Zing Confetti shop on Etsy. Sharing your enthusiasm, zest and zing for life is as easy as click, print and spread the vibe!

A little more about myself… I am a licensed school counselor and have a passion for helping to inspire others. I am also what I call an “ideas person,” aka Enneagram 7 and I’m a little scattered or as I like to say I have a “Confetti Brain.” I have so many ideas and thoughts going through my head all the time and I struggle to keep them all together. They are all scattered around like confetti and I am a mess on a daily basis trying to get everything done and not forget anything and it results in a lot of run-on sentences. My doodle Izzie is probably the only one in my family who I don’t drive crazy with my scattered, confetti brain. But I embrace it because I believe my ideas are fun and after all, the end results are designed to help people in any little way possible.

Sprinkle it…Throw it…Spread Kindness Confetti everywhere!

Be Intentional with your Acts of Kindness!

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